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Modular & Expandable Plant Trellis - Expansion Kit

Modular & Expandable Plant Trellis - Expansion Kit

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Please note: This is a pre-order item. We are expecting to have stock available to ship end of June 2024. To find out more, visit our FAQ page.

Grow your plants and your plant support with Vertigrow's Modular & Expandable Plant Trellis Expansion Kit

🌿 Including 4 hexagons and 6 clips, this Expansion Kit is designed to give you more room to grow. The perfect companion piece to our Starter Kits, our Expansion Kits allow you to expand the size and shape of your Vertigrow trellis, so your plants can grow even bigger! 

🌿 Vertigrow modular & expandable plant trellises have been designed to grow with your plant - so you can say goodbye to flimsy, ineffective supports and enjoy lush, thriving plants in your home!

Grow with Vertigrow

What's included

  • 4x Hexagons: Easy to assemble—no tools required. Snap them together and watch your trellis take shape.

  • 6x Stem Support Bridges: 6 different clip styles, to cater for a variety of plant stem thicknesses. Designed for gentle, effective support to keep your plants vibrant and thriving.


Note: Colours may vary slightly from photos. The purchase includes the trellis kit only (pots and plants not included).

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You've got your Starter Kit and your plant is so happy it just keeps growing, and growing! Time to look at our Expansion Kits, to give your plant more room to grow.


nothing at stake


Expansion Kits come with everything you need to grow beyond your Starter Kit - more hexagons and more clips, without doubling up on the stakes.



A bigger plant climber means more ways for your plant to grow, more places to put LEGO bricks, and more ways to express your creativity and personality.