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Unlock the full potential of your indoor plants with our intuitive Modular and Expandable Plant Trellis. Follow these simple steps to elevate your plant care game:

Step 1: Trellises Assemble!

Begin assembling your modular plant trellis by clicking the pieces together. With its hexagonal design, the possibilities are endless. Start small or go big – it's up to you!

Step 2: Installing

Gently push the stake into your growing medium (soil, LECA etc.) or trellis holder, and begin to place your plant around and through the trellis, ensuring it provides adequate support as your plant grows. Our innovative plant clips act as bridges, offering stability without the need for messy tie-wires.

Step 3: Expanding

As your plant flourishes, so too can your trellis. Add additional sections to accommodate growth and create captivating shapes and patterns. Let your imagination run wild!

Grow Your Own Way

The design possibilities are endless! Construct the trellis in the shape and style of your choosing, add a touch of personality with LEGO® bricks, and add a pop of colour with other coloured hexagons. Mix and match colours, shapes, and designs to suit your style.

Hints & Tips

  • Double stack

    We love to double stack our trellis at the stake to provide extra support and strength. Our Accessory / Reinforcement Kit is a great option for those looking for a bit more strength.

  • Alternate front and back

    We find alternating between connecting hexes in front and behind helps provide more structure to your trellis. Of course, this is dependent on the style and shape you are creating - we believe our trellises can be pretty *and* functional!

  • Have Fun

    Try out different connection styles - overlap some pieces, experiment with colour using our Accessory / Reinforcement Kits. This is your trellis and your plant - you do you!

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