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Modular & Expandable Plant Trellis - Starter Kit

Modular & Expandable Plant Trellis - Starter Kit

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Tired of watching your indoor plants struggle for support, leaving them droopy and uninspired? Say goodbye to flimsy, ineffective plant trellises that just don't cut it.

Introducing Vertigrow's Modular & Expandable Plant Trellis Starter Kit – the ultimate solution to your plant support woes. Crafted with ingenuity and precision, our trellis kit is designed to elevate your indoor gardening experience like never before.

Experience the Vertigrow Difference:
Join the growing community of plant enthusiasts who have revolutionised their indoor gardening experience with Vertigrow. With our Modular & Expandable Plant Trellis Starter Kit, your plants will flourish like never before.
Endless Customisation: With 8 hexagons that effortlessly click together, our trellis offers endless possibilities for shaping and configuring, adapting seamlessly as your plants grow.
Gentle Plant Support: Bid farewell to damaging ties and useless clips. Our kit includes 12 stem support bridges, delicately cradling your plants to ensure healthy growth without harm.
LEGO-Compatible Creativity: Unleash your imagination with our trellis, compatible with LEGO bricks for personalised flair and endless creative expression.

What's included:
1x Stake: Provides a sturdy foundation for your botanical masterpiece.
8x Hexagons: Forming the body of the trellis, these are easy to assemble, no tools required. Simply snap together and watch your trellis take shape.
12x Stem Support Bridges: Designed to offer gentle yet effective support, keeping your plants thriving and vibrant.

Note: Colours can slightly vary from the photos and screen you are viewing on.
The purchase is for the trellis only and does not include the pot or plants pictured.

Shop now and embark on a journey of creativity, innovation, and botanical bliss with Vertigrow!


Stake: 13cm height, 7.4cm at widest point
Hexagon: 6.4cm (flat side to flat side), 7.4cm (point to point)


Made from Polycarbonate

Made via injection mould in Brisbane, Australia

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